EIGHT STEPS TO A NEW YOU with  Pat the Health Coach
Today we are in a world that is very technologically driven and we, as human beings, we are not able to keep up the pace, this results in the loss of perspective of who we are.


This workshop is based on my own personal experience, which created a successful Reflexology Practice plus other smaller acheivements, such as being a breast cancer survior. All the little successes have enabled me to create the bigger successes which mean so much to me, because of this I would like to share my knowledge and new - found life with all who attend these workshops.

I my practice I come across pepole from different walks of life suffering with similar problems.

The common factors amoung all of them were:

1. Most were stuck in a rut/burn-out
2. Very high stress levels and tension.
3. Workaholics
4. Loneliness
5. No time for themselves

Having worked in the corporate world myself, I realized where they were coming from and where they were heading, the need for this workshop became very obvious. This includes people who work from home, not forgetting the all-important home executive. It does not matter what the age, group or industry it is the outcome of working at this pace that may result in burn-out, deppression, or a nervous breakdown. This all resuts in becoming unprductive and despondent.

Remember that this is just the beginning of a new journey to a new life.

Become a New You & Live a Fulfilling Life