with  Pat the Health Coach

Depression is one of the most debilitating illnesses that affect millions of people worldwide every year, especially now.  People who have never had depression do not always understand it. It is easy to say, “get over it” or “pull yourself together” when you are in the depression state, it is very difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel.  Some forms of depression do require medication. It is difficult for the family members to cope with, and understand how to deal with someone who is suffering with depression and it is possible to have panic attacks and anxiety that sometimes accompany depression. It can also be as a side effect, caused by some of the medication that is given.

Depression may start at an early stage of our lives and as we get older it is compounded and later on in life it appears as the stresses of today’s lifestyle get to be unmanageable to the point of a nervous breakdown or totals burnout which may cause physical illnesses.

Some times, one may become pre-occupied, with other things as not to face up to the problem or the responsibilities hoping that it will all go away. This may be as a result of Depression, one tends to get very absorbed in working longer hours, so as not to spend too much time at home, or you don’t want to get out of bed to go to work because you hate the job, or the people that you are working with, or you get involved with computer games, excessive drinking of alcohol or over eating or not eating. Everything is done to the extreme, hoping that the problems will go away.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, Depression is very high on the list of illnesses along with Heart disease and Cancer.

Some of the causes of Depression

● Peer and parent pressure in teenagers
● Divorce
● Death in the family
● Financial pressures
● Empty nest syndrome
● Retrenchment (loss of a job)
● Marital problems
● Trauma
● Fear
● Emotional abuse

Managing Depression without drugs